We’re back! (January 2022 Update)

We know, we hate these long breaks too. But we’ve finally gotten the NTG Developer FULL Website back up and it’s time to revamp it. Along with this, we have a few more developments that have come and it’s now finally time to go through them and say what we’re doing. Thanks for taking a look at the January Update for NTG Developer.

NTG Developer is now BACK!

We’ve dug out the old website from hibernation and we’re putting it back online. Now, with a new look and fresh branding, we can put a good image with the NTG Developer name. It is both simplistic and feature-full, which makes it a very universal and easy-to-use website. Great for new announcements and features coming down the line. Nothing is final at the time of writing, but we will have more coming soon. Scroll down to see what we’ll be doing to keep this site modern.

We’re Retiring Some Apps

That’s right. It’s something we haven’t wanted to plan on doing, but we figured after planning other projects, we couldn’t keep the resources to develop Android apps, for now. We aren’t strictly retiring everything, but a few of our least popular apps will be treated as discontinued.

Project Mercury

What was once an ambitious project is now only a small idea. Project Mercury was too big a project for our small company to handle and we had to abandon it early. As you might have noticed on our minimal website, we had no branding for it whatsoever because there were no developments. It will be removed from the website effective immediately and hidden from GitHub on January 31, 2022.

Material Calendar

This app originated from being an app to show a calendar, to actually being a calendar, in a way. We were planning on making the app open source so that someone else could take the lead and keep it alive, but we have been unable to locate the application development files. Also, with the lack of a user base, we did not expect anyone to actually want to develop the app any further. The app will remain publicly available on the Google Play Store and Amazon App store for the foreseeable future.

NTG Developer for Android

This app was a client for the NTG Developer website and it was to let people see what we do from their phones. This was an EXTREMELY low-traffic application and was not deemed worth keeping alive. The app will be available to those who have downloaded it in the past on Google Play Store as it will be unpublished to the public on January 31, 2022.

DooDoo View

This is one that is lesser-known as it never made it past a single closed alpha release from 2019. The app was meant to be an offline and open source task list for your phone, but not enough people signed up for the Alpha program to make it worth updating and proceeding with. The app will be unpublished from the Google Play Store on January 31, 2022.

Chay Chay Tech Time GAINS Content

As 2022 is now happening, our technology news site, Chay Chay Tech Time, is now getting new content with new topics as well. Variety is one of the priorities for CCTT and also the amount of content is a big deal. Because of this, there will be more types of content, such as regular posts, videos, and podcasts. All of which can be viewed on the Chay Chay Tech Time website for free.

NTG Developer Forums are Deprecated

After much consideration, we are making the decision to shut down the NTG Developer Forums. After not enough traffic to make it worth maintaining and the limited ability to create a modern forum, we decided that not enough people wanted to use our forums for technical discussion. We understand that forums are not nearly as popular as they used to be and because of this, we will be shutting down our hosted one. That said, we may have other community-reaching tools in the works through popular websites such as Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Stay tuned to see what we have planned.

Introducing Chaney’s Tech Talk, the Podcast from Chay Chay Tech Time

The Chaney’s Tech Talk Podcast, hosted by Chaney Goldstein, is a podcast that is aimed at keeping people up to date on new technological advancements that have been made in the quickly evolving field of consumer technology. Learn more about the latest products from big technology companies and find out what you should buy with quick breakdowns and summaries of the most popular products.

Partnership with The Pentucket Profile

In an effort to promote Chaney’s Tech Talk on additional media outlets and provide other creators with more content to build their website with, we have partnered with the Pentucket Regional High School school newspaper, The Pentucket Profile. With this partnership, we will be publishing Chaney’s Tech Talk on Chay Chay Tech Time, YouTube, Anchor.FM (Podcasting Apps), and The Pentucket Profile.


That sums up this January 2022 update for NTG Developer. If you have any questions or comments about what we’ve just explained, do not hesitate to ask in the comments as we are able to help with any questions. We appreciate you taking the time to take a look at what we’ve been doing for the past year and hope that you’re excited about everything else we have planned for 2022.

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