It’s been a long time… (December 2020 Update)

Well, hello everyone! NTG Developer has been going through a lot of different changes lately, involving a complete redesign of the website, logo, and, well, pretty much everything else. We even have a brand new forum hosted directly through this website! While most of our focus has been put towards Chay Chay Tech Time, that isn’t all that we have been doing.

We’ve also been planning more and more for the upcoming android app that we are making, and while we still don’t have a projected release date for testing, we are still making progress, little by little.

Another thing that we have been doing is contributing to the LineageOS project. On Chay Chay Tech Time, over a year ago, I talked about how LineageOS was a good way to breath new life into a Nexus 6P smartphone with old software. While we have not done much yet, we’ve been making sure that the information in the Wiki is up-to-date and we have also been testing ROMs and reporting feedback.

We will also be making a new twitter starting the new year as we believe that it is the best way to keep you all updated with the latest and greatest regarding NTG Developer without writing a post on the website. Don’t worry, we won’t stop doing this. We are now going to do this monthly to give you an idea of our progress. But, we hope that with your support, we can continue development and make a mind-blowing app.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we all wish you a happy holidays season.

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