NTG Developer Website Site Outage/Maintenance


You may have clicked on this post wondering what it is about and it is about our current website, “www.ntgdeveloper.com,” will be going offline for approximately 2-8 hours. We are going to be moving our website do another hosting platform for more efficient pages and a better, more open, user interface for our users. This blog will be active during our outage, so please view here for website updates. Also, be sure to follow our Instagram page if you would like more frequent updates posted to our story.

We apologize for the inconvenience of our website going offline. However, this is just our www.ntgdeveloper.com website. Again, this website, along with every other website under the ntgdeveloper.com name will remain active.

Again, we apologize for this small inconvenience, but we hope that this brings a new opportunity for our business.

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