NTG Developer

Apps for the new generation

Established in December of 2018, NTG Developer is a private organization devoted to making simple applications for the new generaiton.

We also provide services to blog creators, Twitch streamers, and Discord servers.

We started to make apps by releasing our first app, CCTT Reader, in December of 2018.

We have been working on that app, along with Material Calendar, NTG Developer Mobile, and another app which will be released within 2020.

We help provide the services so that people don't need any problems in their way when they are figuring out hosting services, blog themes, or other electronic tasks.

We started to advertise our services in March of 2019, and we have never regretted it.

We always want to make sure that people don't have issues with the things that we all use the most, their cell phones.

With our apps, you can rest assured that your data stays on your phone and doesn't get into prying eyes and on the internet.



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